Amelia Earhart (subcommittee of Service)

Identifies community need, studies and makes appropriate recommendations to the club for service and hands-on projects. Committee presents recommendations for proceeds to be allocated to agencies to club membership for approval and selects scholarship recipients.

Chair: Karla Potter
Amelia Earhart Chair: From committee
1. Marilyn Marsh – Co-chair
2. Cynthia Weaver
3. Marion Berry
4. Marilyn Kent
5. Kelsey Taylor
6. Karen Matthews

Membership Services/Fellowship

The Membership Committee shall promote continuing membership growth. The committee members establish communication with prospective members whose names are submitted to the committee. Once a prospective member has submitted an application, the Membership Committee evaluates eligibility for membership, determines a classification and presents the application to the board for approval. The committee conducts all Orientation sessions for prospective members and new member initiation ceremonies. Other duties of the committee are to plan Fellowship activities and maintain the club roster and membership records.

Chair: Cindy Phillips
1. Carol Janowicz
2. Patty Monteith
3. Linda Senter
5. Judith Strand

Finance/Fund Development

Obtains raffle items and sells ticket at all meetings. Helps prepare annual budget; helps with annual audit. Researches potential fund-raising opportunities, oversees all fund-raising activities.

Chair: Carrie Blair
1. Peggy Wiltz
2. Cindy Phillips (ex-officio)
3. Chris Rommel
4. Michelle Dietz-Date
5. Suzanne Poppema

Public Relations

Promotes, facilitates and evaluates all contact between the club and general public; solicits advertising, keeps web site and Facebook page current, gathers information and publishes newsletter monthly.

Chair: Janice Greene
1. Website: Peggy Wiltz
2. Zontagram: Darcie McAllister
3. Isbell Juntila
4. Miriam Temple
5. Carrie Blair


Educates people about legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional issues which affect the lives of women in the community.  Supports improving the status of women and women’s human rights and advocates to influence the laws and attitudes that affect women’s lives at the club, district and international levels.  Prepares and arranges programs for all club meetings that are related to the mission, objectives and goals of the Zonta Club of Everett and Zonta International.

Chair: Carol Johnson & Suzie Truglio
1. Marilyn Kent – Chair Advocacy
2. Linda Polverari
3. Judy Gish
4. Myrna Overstreet
5. Janice Henning Rucker

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee recruits and nominates qualified Zontians as candidates for elected positions.

1. Isbell Juntila
2. Carol Janowicz
3. Cindy Phillips
4. Myrna Overstreet
5. Chris Rommel


President: Linda Lepak
President Elect: Carrie Blair
Secretary: Peggy Wiltz
Treasurer: Cindy Phillips
2016-2017: Carol Janowicz
2016-2018: Suzie Truglio
Judith Strand
Patty Monteith


Marion Berry, Accountant, retired
Carrie Blair, Sales and Marketing Manager, MATRX Pharmacy
Katherine Cleland, Cleland Marketing
Michelle Dietz Date, Development Officer, Village Community Services
Judy Gish, Port Gardner Management
Janice Greene, President and CEO, Astra
Janice Henning Rucker, Puget Press, retired
Kathy Hughes, Accountant, retired
Carol Janowicz, Tools at Work and Warm Fusion
Carol Johnson, Camp Fire Snohomish County
Isbell Juntila, Designer, Erickson Furniture
Marilyn (Lyn) Kent, Registered Nurse, retired
Linda Lepak, Personnel Officer, US Army, retired
Marilyn Marsh, Lake Washington School District, retired
Karen Mathews, Activity Director, retired
Darcie McAlister, Information Technology Manager
Glory McCallum, Supply and Distribution Mgr, Boeing
Patty Monteith, Preview Properties, Inc.
Myrna Overstreet, Community Support
Cindy Phillips, Hub Northwest, retired
Linda Polverari, Nerium International and Global Skin Care
Dr. Suzanne Poppema, MD, retired
Karla Potter, Domestic Violence Services
Chris Rommel, Health Services Manager, retired
Linda Senter, Preview Properties, retired
Judith Strand, Harbour Pointe Retirement Assisted Living Center
Kelsey Taylor, Director of Resource Development, Housing Hope
Miriam Temple, Temple & Associates, P.S.
Suzie Truglio, Creative Concepts
Cynthia Weaver, One PacificCoast Bank
Peggy Wiltz, Software Developer

Empowering Women Through Service and Advocacy