Club History

“The Confederation of Zonta Clubs” was founded on November 8, 1919, in Buffalo, New York:

Zonta Club of Everett was chartered May 17, 1929
Charter Members:
Miss Carolyn Davis General Hospital
Dr. Minnie M. Pugh Osteopathic Physician
Mrs. S.L. Caldbick Homemaker
Miss Marjorie Williams YWCA
Miss Louise Taylor Mainello Beauty Shop
Miss Ruth Steele West Coast Telephone
Miss Teresa First National Bank
Miss Doris L. Bell Cascade Savings and Loan
Miss Vera Warrick Walton Lumber Co.
Miss Edith A. L. Johnson Kinney Bros. & Shipprell Musical Instruments
Mrs. Leona Torgerson Music Teacher
Mrs. Mary Tozer Bayside Pharmacist
Miss Beatrice Robinson Jackson-Jefferson School
Mrs. Laura Rogers Rogers Business College
Mrs. Bernice Dobbs Retail Decorator
Miss Edith Morse Children’s Librarian
Miss Ferne Lippincott County Extension Agent
Miss Florence Craigue Kane & Harcus Printing

Interesting Facts from 1937-1968 (as found documented)

1937-Business meetings were held at the Monte Cristo Hotel for dinner and program meetings were held in members homes. Ther International Convention was held in Niagra Falls and $15.00 was allowed for delegate expenses. Joined the Chamber of Commerce-dues $12.00. Received the first Classification Book. Had one program on how Washington State Laws affected women.

1938- Had a program meeting asking for money for the Red Cross to help with the situation in China. Two members were appointed to the Camp Fire Board. Donated $5.00 to Camp Fire for the camp, $20.00 to Deaconess Children’s Home and $20.00 to Parkland Children’s Home. Had Zonta song books and sang at most meetings. Sent money to Olympia for a totem pole to honor native Americans and Chief Seattle. Sent $1.00 per member for Amelia Earhart. Almost every meeting included a proposed new member.

1939,1940- Gave money to send a delegate to the Red Cross Convention in Washington, D.C. Bought new eye glasses for needy women. Had a “homemaker” as a classification. Sponsored a nurses chorus at Everett General Hospital. Zonta representative was on the platform for “Patriotic” July 4th celebration. Had 12 members. Had a joint meeting with BPW, Junior Business Women and Altrusa. Had numerous programs about war in Europe. Were asked opinion about starting the Community Chest.

1941- Amelia Earhart Scholarship was called “Flutter and Vibration” through the Department of Aviation Services

1942- Members were represented on the Traffic Safety Council. Supported levy for Civil Defense. Were hostesses for a breakfast once a month for the USO from 9:00-2:00. Tried to start Visiting Nurses, but there were not enough nurses. All clubs were very active in war work.

1943- Program was on making due with dehydrated food and pressure cookers. Also had program on blackouts and how to repair electirc appliances. International made Madame Chiang Kai-shek honorary Zonta member. Gave money to furnish a living room at Paine Field and for hospital equipment. Classification talks began as each member shared about herself. Adopted a Chinese Orphan girl. International Convention was held at Lake Placid, NY with the theme of “Zonta serves that peace might come”.

1944- Voted to buy war bonds with the Zonta savings. Had a program about recruitment for the WACS. Had a speaker who was a prisoner of war. At each meeting they did knitting for the Red Cross and put together USO kits. No one could travel because of the gas shortage so they did not send any delegates to meetings out of town.

1945- Had numerous white elephant sales among themselves to raise money. Members had a hobby show. Had a program about POWs and made kits for them. Learned about TB in the county among the Indians. Endorsed new health center is to be built from city, county and federal money. Had a member on the Health Council which looked into water quality, sewage, garbage, school safety, etc. Supported the Mukilteo State Park. Supported “Friends of the Library”. Wrote to Saturday Review to complain about purfanity and obscene language.

1946- Spring Conference was in Everett in April. Tacoma prepared breakfast; Seattle did stunts and Spokane had a pianist perform. The theme of the conference was “Citizenship in a world at peace”. The emphasis at the international convention was “rehabilitation and reorganization of clubs abroad”. We investigated having the Zonta emblem on the city signs on Highway 99. The club had a member of the new Community Chest, President’s Council, East General Hospital and Health Council. Sent a representative to the Soroptomist banquet and installation.

1947-Distributed a booklet called “Careers” to the high schools. Our district established a sister contact with a club in Norway. Sent money to buy concentrated fruit juice to Children’s Hospital. Voted to have more than one person per classification. Gave money to help teachers in Guam. Nominated a candidate “outstanding Woman in the Community”-Anna Rollins Johnson. New Clubs were Roseburg and Grants Pass, Ore. International dues $6.00 and shapter dues $3.00. End of November treasurer’s balance was $5.97. Nationwide radio broadcast about Zonta. Invited Altrusa, Soroptomist and BPWW to share our 28th birthday.

1948-Program about “Equal Rights Amendment” and about progress of women in last 100 years. Shelton and Astoria are new clubs. Club sent a representative to the city Mayor’s meeting about feeding the starving of the world. We were asked to consider a program about “milk for the needy”. If we do it our name would be “out there”.

1949- Had a concert for the milk fund. Asked other clubs for support and asked the community chest. Sponsored a football game for the milk fund-had to sell $4000.00 worth of tickets. Got the Sea Gals, firemen, and PTAs to help. Put colars identifying Zonta on bottles around town-180 distributed. Raised $102.00 the first pick up of the bottles. We were corresponding with a club in Helsinki. Gave money to help buy a movie projector for Tulalip Shut-In Club. Zonta Club of Paris chartered.

1950- A number of Zontians now traveling in Europe-bringing much information. Zonta International asked fo help with their office expenses-each member gave $20.00. Moved to create a scholarship to train women for diplomatic and government service. Had 19 members. Planned a talent show for the milk fund and raised $200.00. Collected magazines to send to servicemen. Speaker stressed new discoveries in medicine and increase population of the aged.

1951- Helped with the vote to finish Highway 99 as a 4 lave highway to Vancouver. Supported “Girls State Spring Concert” in Everett. Bought miniature frying pans as favors and labled them Zonta, Everett 1951. Also gave potted cedar seedlings and sold them at the Scandanavian Festival and the Monroe Fair. Speaker talked about being exchange teachers for Vienna. Our members oured at the East General’s nurse’s graduation. Collected clothes and sent them to the Finnish club. Got ministers in town to help with publicity for Milk Fund.

1952- Aberdeen is a new club. Toured new maternity ward at East General. District meeting was in Vancouver, B.C. -first one in Canada. Increase in International dues to $7.00. Voted to increase number per classification. Thank you from the Zonta club in Finland for the clothes-no one could read Finnish. Program was a missionary from Hankow who had left 2 weeks before the Communist took over. Program also by Mrs. Ferrell about being a delegate to UNESCO. Planned concert with “Mother Singers” for the Milk Fund. International now has 8016 members. Fall conference was in Eugene-Seattle hired a bus for all to go together. Round trip was $9.50. General Hospital cared for 8000 patients at $21.30 per patient. “Twig Shop” in 2nd year.

1953-In joint meeting with Altrusa, Soroptomist and BPW each member was asked to wear a corsage to represent her classification. Speaker was from World Health Organization. Bought sheets and towels for VOA’s summer camp. Had a program on the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. Received money from the Good Neighbor Fund for the Milk Fund. Leaflet about Zonta ordered-25 copies for .50. Fall conference at Grants Pass-program about Chinese Missionary.

1955- International Convention at Sun Valley. Walla Walla became a chapter. Two members were appointed to assist with the new X-Ray mobile. We worked with handicapped children.Civic Improvement Committee had 3 Zonta members. Gave money to 1st Baptist Church for building fund. Milk Fund was taken over by Scott Paper. Bought a tape recorder for Polio Clinic at General Hospital. New dues $40.00. Sold handicrafts made by the handicapped. Gave support to Buckley Home for the Retarded-there are 700 on the waiting list.

1956- 19 members. Supported a program to help single mothers be self supporting. Had an ZOnta club intercity dinner in May-Bellingham, VAncouver, Tacoma and Seattle attended. There are 26 clubs in our district. Health and Welfare Council considering a housekeepinig service for public assistance. A slate of projects was presented: have a tea for the handicapped; do something for the Indians; adopt a retarded child at Buckley; raise money and sponsor junior college plays; candy sales; sell dishcloths (4 for $1.00); magazine drive. Zonta Club of Everett was added to the chamber list of service clubs.

1957- 23 members. Senator Jackson spoke at the intercity dinner. Helped with TB x-ray machine. Bought hot plate for shelter workshop. Were fined for not wearing pins at meetings-money went to pay for postage.

1958- Supported the handicapped center. Bellingham chapter terminated. Program was about investing your money. Exchanged Christmas gifts at every Christmas meeting.

1959- Gave past, present and future (space) skits for our birthday dinner. Program was on Strategic Air Command and defense of Paine Field. Sent money to the UN. Gave money for street flower baskets. Gave money to VOA for a swimming pool in Sultan. District 5 has 25 clubs in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Canada. Program by Representative Jack Westland about the 2 new states-Hawaii and Alaska. Program on problems of pornographic literature.

1960- Supported workshop for the aged. Civil Defense office on the waterfront will be moved underground. Bomb shelters discussed and suggested members should take first aid classes. Had a meeting at a rug cleaning establishment. Members were paid .25 for watching a rug cleaning demonstration. We sent a picture of Mount Rainier to our sister club in Sweden. International was short of money so each member sent $2.00.

1961- Interest in “meals on wheels”. Interclub started having “potluck” suppers with clubs taking turns with cookies and coffee. To raise money each member gave 1 cent for each year of their age. President’s Council sent a Zonta member to school on anti-communism.

1962- International Convention in New Orleans. Supported American Cancer Society.

1963- Ellen Allen became a member. We sponsored a square dance jamboree at Floral Hall-money went to center for handicapped. Reorganized the Health and Recreation Committee-every club member will be on the council. DIstrict 8 pooled their money to support 5 girls with their education. Had a report from Anchorage that all Zontians were safe from the earthquake. There were 465 clubs, 25 countries and 17,000 members. A “merited membership” was given to Margaret DeLeon. Donated books about Amelia Earhart to the libraries.

1965- Gave $18.00 per member to help VOA Camp Volusuca. Program was a demonstration of CPR. District meeting was in Anchorage. International Convention in Miami was cancelled because of airline strike.

1966- Made cookies regularly for the senior center. International talked about new classification “Associate Members”-must have been a member at least 5 years; cannot be more than 10% of the club membership. Worlds Fair in Montreal-had a special “Honor Day” for Zonta International.

1967- Collected lables from merchandise to raise money-got $195.00. Encouraged voting-had contest with Everett Junior Women to see who voted the most. Elected commissioner and Mayor. At interclub meetings easch group gave a report on their service projects. Cecile Tracy Sprey was given a lifetime honorary membership-an article and picture was in the Zontian. New chapters Coos Bay and Greys Harbor. Started holding board meetings before business meeting. Held meetings at VOA. Program was about the 1912 city chapter and the growth of Everett. Had program about the history of former presidents of our club. Newsletter is to be rejuvenated. New Member is Pauline Thompson.

1968- 32 districts in International. Program was from Betty Curran, pilot in the “Powder Puff Derby”-transcontinental race for women.

Empowering Women Through Service and Advocacy