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Membership Information:

A potential member becomes a Zontian through the following process:

  1. The prospective member's name is referred to the club's Membership Services Committee by a Zontian sponsor who fills out the prospective member information form.
  2. The Membership Services Committee determines classification and eligibility. The Membership Committee then brings the name before the Board for approval.
  3. A formal letter of invitation from the Membership and Classification Committee is sent to the candidate along with a statement for fees and dues. The candidate's sponsor should follow-up the invitation to membership with personal action as well.
  4. Membership becomes official upon acceptance and the payment of appropriate fees and dues to the club, Zonta International, and the District.
  5. A ceremony is held to welcome the new member to the club at a date determined by the club.


Zonta's Appeal:

International Appeal:
Membership in a club which is international in scope provides a rare opportunity through Conferences and Conventions and relationships with Friendship Countries to cultivate personal friendships with people from other countries.

Community Appeal:
Membership in a service club provides an opportunity to work together with people who share common values and opens doors to friendship with other executives and professionals at the local level.

Diversity Appeal:
Membership in a classified club provides business and professional members a rare channel to interact with executives outside of their particular area of expertise.

Travel Appeal:
In an age when travel is commonplace, membership in a Zonta Club provides the opportunity to a welcome at club meetings in all Zonta countries around the world.

Educational Appeal:
Because of Zonta's sponsorship of the Amelia Earhart Fellowships and active involvement in United Nations commemorative and other projects, club members are provided access to information and issues not necessarily available with membership in other organizations.

Leadership Opportunities Appeal:
Club membership provides the member interested in developing leadership potential an opportunity for growth at the club, area, district/regional and international levels.

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